February 11th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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Advancements in computing systems have made it possible to tackle huge obstacles in simulation. We're advancing our understanding of the world and universe at an exponential rate.

Supercomputers are everywhere – from product design, oil field exploration, financial risk assessment, genome mapping to weather forecasting and essential academic research.

OCF Limited is a High-Performance Computing, Storage and AI Integrator with well over 15 years’ experience in delivering transformational solutions to a host of academic, research institutions and enterprises.

Lenovo, according to the Top500.org, are the number-one supercomputer provider - including some of the most sophisticated supercomputers in the world. With industry leading technology and HPC architects and experts, OCF in Partnership with Lenovo & Intel take a customer-centric approach to provide the HPC & AI solutions and Services that best meet your needs for now and the future.

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